Vélodrome Genève- Biggest collective Artwork in Switzerland! (2250m2)

At the end of July 2020 i was a part of the biggest collective Artwork ever done in Switzerland.

Together with 34 Artists we painted 2250 square meters in 2 weeks! i painted alone 90 square meters in 4 days. The Project was called “Urban Art Vélodrome” and the main topic was “encounter”.

In the beginning it was planned more as a international Project with many Artists from other countries but that was impossible because of the corona virus. at the end a lot of local artists from Geneva and other cities had the pleasure to paint, but also Spanish and french artists were participating. I was painting in the same week with amazing artists like Trams One, Sidéco, Jazi, Seika, Ygrek, Kaiflyn, Joule Champod and many others!

The project took place for 2 weeks. We had a lot of roller paint, all materials we needed and spray cans as well. The sun was burning, it was more than 35 degrees every day and the ground was black. we had to paint the ground of the Velodrome that is placed in a soccer stadium of the oldest Club UGS in Geneva. That was a special experience to paint from a different angle and i had to work with a grid for the first time to handle the proportions of my massive painting.

I painted a big blindfolded businessman standing on a planet in the universe. he tries to orientate oneself. on the right side i connected my painting with my neighbor TRAMS from France. I did a thought bubble with a lot of symbolic details like eyes, birth & dead, trees and stencils. This thought bubble connects all the different paintings around the circle in the Vélodrome stadium, they transform all into thoughts. On the left side i painted the universe with a lot of planets, stars and supernovas. It’s an encounter with the universe and with himself, his thoughts, feelings and fears.

Thank you so much Urban Art Vélodrome Team!! It was an honor to be a part of the new Swiss record painting. i am very happy and i made new friends from new cities and countries. I love you all


More informations about this project you will find on www.urbanartvelodrome.com