Art travel

Romanesco One mit Mr Myl, Big Sleeps u.a. in Kuba beim Malen zu sehen im Film "Art is a State of mind" welcher im deutschen Fernsehen gezeigt wurde und auf Blueray Disc erschien. Es war eine wunderbare Erfahrung und grosse Ehre im Film von Netflix-Regisseur und Deutscher Filmpreis Anwärter Aljoscha Pause mich selber zu spielen.

From 10.2. till 5.3. i was a part of the San Isidro Art District Project. With well known artist Mr.Myl and other artists like Waxhead from Canada, Big Sleeps from L.A. and many young activists from Cuba i was painting and celebrating life for 1 month in the streets of Havana. I painted bars, hostels, markets, walls, bicycle taxis and other did commission jobs, photography, street art, guerrilla gallery shows and i supported this project with my art, free art supply for artists and a lot of love for the people there. i have friends now and wanna support them and be a part of this movement soon again. i fell in love with this beautiful country.