San Isidro Art District

From 10.2. till 5.3. i was a part of the San Isidro Art District Project in Havana.

I was up in the streets every day with the most famous cuban street artist Mr.Myl and other artists like Waxhead from Canada, Big Sleeps from L.A. and many young activists from Cuba.

I painted more than 50 paintings in the streets, in bars, hostels, markets, walls, on bicycle taxis and other spots. I did a lot of street art, guerilla gallery shows, commission jobs, canvas artworks and i supported this project with my art, my energy, free art supply for artists and a lot of love for the people there. it was one of the best times in my life. i have a lot of new friends now and wanna support them and be a part of this movement soon again. i fell in love instantly with this beautiful country, the city of Havana, the language, the culture, the youth movement, art and the nature. Habana te quiero!