in Dielsdorf

We started a new Art Project together with my friend Triky: “”! We teach kids, young people and also adults how to spray, to create stencils, stickers, paste ups, to paint a canvas or we teach the history and the rules of graffiti & street art. we also do wall commission paintings or like in this case we combine everything together.

Since we started in January 2020 we had a lot of work in different youth centers. In May & June 2020 we worked 2 months in the youth center Burghof in Dielsdorf (Switzerland). It was an amazing experience to paint and build objects 3 days a week for 8 weeks. We painted together with the young hard to educate people between 16-20years a massive house (ca.100qm). Triky built a big tower with a chill out area, a bar and a rooftop. We also teached them in workshops how to do stencils, stickers and how to paint beautiful artworks on canvas. at the end they painted more then 40 canvas which we exhibited in a improvised gallery and even sold many of the paintings.

it was an incredible time and the best experience that could happen. we are very thankful for that and we are looking forward to return one day. here you see some expressions of that intensive time we had.

For more informations check our Website or Instagram @streetart_workshop or Facebook @streetartworkshopschweiz.