Octopus Mural

Octopus Mural at Youth Rehabilitation Center Burghof in Dielsdorf Switzerland 2020

20 Years Romanesco Art!?In 2002 I painted my first canvas. In 2004 I painted my first wall. In 2005 I had my first gallery show. In 2020 i painted a Part of the biggest collective Artwork in Geneva with 2250m2. In the same year I painted this Octopus Wall Painting in Switzerland. I always had visions and dreams and I always did everything to realize them. I had also hard times but I always had a positive focus. Since 2 years I live 100% from my passion. It needs some courage to live your own life but it’s absolutely worth it. If you never try it, one day you will regret it. Better die with memories and not with plans.