Butterfly Girl in Havana

Another beautiful memory of my Art Travel to Cuba ??? This was my first Mural in Havana on the second day. It’s a butterfly with the Cuban Flag in the Wings „metamorphosis of a country“. Thank you very much for the beautiful photo dear @je_suis_tulisol ? If anybody of my friends is in Havana one day please book a Street Art Tour with her! More informations on @havana_street_art ? For me it’s the best city for Street Art, because the people love it, many international artists come to Havana to paint in San Isidro and the youth has a powerful energy to create and organize art, music, events, locations and much more. Thank you @mr_myl @maurococatattoo@waxheadart @galeriatallergorria@fabricadeartecubano @cfdecossio@lamarcabodyart @bigsleeps and all other good people and artists I met there ??❤️ Habana te quiero!